How To Have Gorgeous Skin

You may be surprised by just who is getting all of the compliments about having “great” skin these days. Women with even the ruddiest of complexions are receiving compliments about their skin. Why? Because they know how to treat their skin right so that it looks its best on a daily basis (hint: the best skin is not skin that is covered up entirely with makeup). If you want to have that gorgeous, dewy skin that you have always wanted, follow these tips below and soon everyone will be noticing you gorgeous glow:

Foundation? What’s that?

You may think that you need foundation, but a vast majority of women who use foundation don’t actually need to use it at all. A very few and select number of women need to use foundation on every part of their face, but most of us only need it in very select and small areas. If you happen to have ruddy or discolored skin, then apply foundation to only these parts (usually the cheeks can be left as foundation free).

As an alternative, if you only require light coverage, why not try out a tinted moisturizer? These provide a light coverage that will still allow the natural glow of your skin to shine on through, plus your skin tone will be evened out more overall.

If you Need Foundation, then Read This

The purpose of foundation is not to change your skin color. It should not be used to deepen, tan, or completely change any sort of skin tone. The goal of foundation is to choose a shade that is as close to your natural skin tone as possible.

You may need to change your foundation shades if you tan, or from different months (i.e. your skin may be darker in the summer than it is in the winter) but other than that, if you are using foundation, then make sure it is your correct skin color. Test the color on your jaw line prior to purchasing to ensure that it is the right shade and tone for you.

Concealer Application

The best way to conceal any marks and blemishes that you may want to hide is to apply conceal prior to applying foundation. If you apply concealer to the areas that you deem as needing a bit of extra help, then you will noticeably need less foundation on these areas. The best places to use concealer include under the eyes, on the chin, and along the sides of the nose.

Foundation Application

There are several ways in which you can apply foundation; it’s mostly by preference in which it can be applied. You can use your fingertips, a sponge or a brush. Most makeup artists swear by “the brush”. The brush will help you navigate easier so that you are able to get into all of the different areas of your face, thus allowing for a more flawless application. The sponge is also quite effective, but it is important to clean the sponge regularly or to replace it after a week so to prevent any sort of bacteria build up.