How To Make Your Own Facial Powder

Women cringe when they enter a beauty store these days. Just setting foot into one of those places brings about the sad realization that you probably won’t be escaping that store without spending a pretty penny on some assortment of much needed products.

But that doesn’t have to be the way that it is. In today’s world where everything is easily presented to us and accessible, we forget the fact that we can actually make a whole lot of beauty products ourselves, and for a whole lot less! If you are tired of spending over $10 on a small compact of powder ever month, here’s a cheap, easy and effective way of making your very own facial powder for a fraction of the cost. You will first need:

  • 1 small container with a lid
  • ¼ cup of Cornstarch
  • 1 small mixing bowl

OPTIONAL: Pigments (i.e. broken cosmetic pieces in a color that resembles your skin tone)

Before you begin this project, first make sure that your skin is not easily irritated by cornstarch. Though it is naturally soothing to the skin and not an irritant, there are those odd cases where it can cause inflammation to the skin.

Start off by taking the ¼ cup of corn starch and dumping it into the small bowl. Take the earth toned pigmentation pieces and place them into another bowl. You may need to break them up with a spoon. Continue to add pieces of pigmentation until the color matches that of your own skin tone, or one shade lighter.

If you have any broken powder compacts, you can definitely use this as your skin tone pigment. Very fair women may not require any sort of pigmentation added to the cornstarch, though it will give you a more natural finish.

Now, take the pigmentation and add it to your bowl of cornstarch. Mix it together and make sure that it is mixed thoroughly. If you have a flour sifter, you may want to run the powder through that to ensure a smooth finish. Should the powder not match your skin tone, add more cornstarch if it is too dark or add more pigment if it is too light.

Once you have come up with the perfect mix, take the face powder and pour it into your container.

You can do a couple of different things with this powder to add your own personal touch. One thing that you may decide to do is add a little bit of cosmetic glitter to your powder (try to choose a fine glitter product). This will give your skin a beautiful dewy and natural glow.

You can also use this very same recipe to create a natural bronzer for your skin. To do this you would then add pigmentation that is slightly darker than your natural skin tone. This bronzer will not make a bold difference to your appearance, but it will definitely give your skin that golden, sun kissed look.