Makeup Tips You Need To Know

Here are some of the most important makeup tips that you need to know in order to keep your look fresh and fabulous:

Your Skin Tone is the Most Important Part to Choosing Makeup

You may like a certain color, but if it doesn’t go with your skin tone, then you really should avoid wearing it at all costs. But wait – how do you know what colors go well with your skin tone? A lot of makeup doesn’t allow you to test it prior to purchase, so how do you know it will look good?

To choose the right kind of makeup for your face, you will need to determine what skin tone you have. Some of these are:

Fair Skin: This skin will turn easily, is very pale, and has a cool undertone. The undertone may be blue or a cool pink.

Olive Skin: This type of skin has a more or a yellow or green undertone

Tanned Skin: Tanned skin has a more orange and brown undertone. It does not tend to burn easily

Dark Skin: This skin also does not burn easily, though it may have a cool or warm undertone to it.

Neutral Skin Tones: These skin tones are those that neither have the cool, bluish undertone that fair skin has, nor does it have a more tanned or yellow undertone. This type of skin tone can wear almost any color available – lucky you!
The best way to determine your skin tone is to either go to a professional makeup artist and have them help you determine what it is, or you can try to do this yourself by holding up a sheet of white paper to your face. The white piece of paper will help you see if you do have a cooler undertone to your face, or a warmer one.

Use Fresh Cosmetics

Did you know that the lipstick you bought has an expiry date? So does the foundation, the mascara, and even the eyeshadow that you purchased. Most of these expiration dates can be found on the side or underside of the packaging, though some expiry dates are printed on the packaging that is removed form the makeup. Make sure you check for this and make note of when it’s about to “go bad”.

Sunscreen is a Must

You must wear sunscreen if you want to have youthful, beautiful skin. A lot of cosmetics these days do contain some sort of SPF content – foundation may have an SPF of 15 or 25, lipsticks often have an SPF of 8 or more – but this is often not good enough. Unless your moisturizer that you apply to your face has an SPF of 30 or more, you will need to apply sunscreen to your face separately every day, rain or shine, summer or winter, in order to keep your skin as youthful and as healthy as possible.