Nail Care For Every Day

According to the doctors nail is one of the most neglected areas of the human body. Everyday nails are exposed to harsh chemical soaps and detergents, extreme weather conditions, and are often used as a tool for opening bottles and scraping labels.

Daily Care For Nails

  • keep your nails neat and clean therefore, clean your nails every day. Use a mild antibacterial liquid soap for this purpose.
  • use cotton tipped cuticle former for grooming fingernail beds.
  • give extra nutrition to your weak and unhealthy nails, use specially formulated nail lotions and creams, which add extra nutrients to the nail bed.
  • toenails are abused on a regular basis through ill-fitting shoes and moisture. Some daily toenails care tips:
  • wash and dry your toenails after exercising
  • nails should be trimmed weekly, always cutting straight across, rather than following the shape of the toe.
  • use good quality talc that contains corn starch or baking soda in order to avoid infection or perspiration.
  • cotton socks will also help to absorb moisture and draw it away from the foot area.

Here are some common nails problems with some tips on how to cure them:

Nail Discoloration

There are many causes of nails discoloration such as injuries, diseases or even skin cancer.

Cure for nail discoloration:

Blue or black nails: The reason behind blue or black nails is injury in which a small collection of blood trapped under the surface of the nail. If the entire nail has been injured, it may detach from the nail bed and fall off.

  • soak your injured nail in warm water this action will reduce your pain;
  • once the nail has dropped from the finger, apply a small amount of antibacterial cream to the nail bed and use an antibacterial bandage to cover it, until new growth appears.

Note – consult with your doctor if black discolorations which appear for no reason, because sometimes melanoma often appears in this manner in its early stages of growth.

Peeling Or Splintered Nails

The main causes are inadequate die, constipation and poor digestion.


  • include protein and calcium rich foods into your diet menu.
  • use a vitamin and mineral preparation specially formulated to rebuild strong nails.

Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toenails are nails which begin to grow into the skin surrounding the nail bed. Some causes of ingrown toenails are wearing ill fitting shoes, injured nails, improper nail cutting etc.

Some common symptoms of ingrown toenails:

  • painful swelling;
  • red, raised blister-type sore on nail bed;
  • pressure around the head of the affected toe.

A cure for ingrown toenails:

  • in order to prevent this situation cut your nails straight across rather than following the curved shape;
  • gently lift the trapped nail and place a small square of cotton gauze under the nail bed until the swelling goes down;
  • use antibiotic cream on an inflamed skin;
  • soak your nails in warm water.

Note – consult with your doctor for your good.