Nail Care Products to look after your Nails

Beautiful and healthy nails are necessary to complete any look. Imagine a super hot ensemble being combined with unkempt hands! Most people, who fuss for hours over their clothes and plan incessantly to perfect different looks, often overlook one of the most important points of being well groomed. Nail care is not only in fashion; it is now one of the most important aspects that add to the beauty of one’s hands and also the personality.

Tips On Nail Care

Good healthy nails often have a pinkish tinge. Here are a few tips you can try at home to maintain your nails.

Wearing regular nail polish is often not a good idea. Ensure you have the polish off, for one day of the week so that your nails can breathe easy.

Always dip your hands in a mixture of warm water (1 cup) with one tablespoon of lemon juice before you proceed with your manicure.

An easy way to clean your cuticles would be to twist your fingers inside half a lemon.

Use coconut oil or castor oil to massage into your nails, which would impart a super shine to the nails.

Basic Nail Care Routine

  1. First, use a nailbrush and follow it up with a hand wash.
  2. Now, soak your hands in warm water. (This would soften the cuticles)
  3. If the cuticles appear ragged, then push them back, though very gently.
  4. Be cautious whilst you trim the nails; ensure they are all of the same length.
  5. Use a nail file to smoothen the edges.
  6. Use soft moisturizing cream all over your hands.

Here’s a litle videotips on how to do everyday nail care routine:

Nail Care Products

Apart from basic homemade remedies and nail care rituals, a professional manicure often becomes mandatory to those living life in the fast lane. The professional touch is often required for cosmetic reasons rather than personal hygiene. A trip to any beauty salon would unearth a plethora of nail care products meant to pamper you to the fullest. One can find a mind-boggling range of brands that are out to woo the customers. These cater not only to the women but the men as well!

Here are some tips that will help you gauge any nail care products before you make the final purchase.

Nail polish removers tend to make the nails dry and brittle. So avoid the frequent use of nail polish removers within the week.

Use a branded nail lotion for dry and cracked nails. These will keep your nails moisturized and beautiful.

Use a top coat/sealer on natural nails. These help to protect and also retain the moisture. Top coats are also applied over the nail polish.
Always keep the nail polish thinner in the refrigerator to make it last longer. Nail polish thinners are used to thin out any nail polish that has been applied too thickly over your nails.

Always use a nail care lotion after you wash your hands. Although it may always be possible to practice this, the usage of a lotion would keep your hands and nails soft and lubricated. Soaps tend to strip the moisture off the nails.

Use a base coat with UV protection before you apply your nail polish. The base coat prevents the nails from being stained due to the nail polish.

Nail brushes are used to scrub the nails incase they get stained with dirt or bacteria. Use a gentle soap for better results.

If you scrounge the market, you can even find nail polishes that deal with specific nail problems. (Brittle nails, ridged nails etc). Select the one that suits you the most.

Nail hardeners are also easily available in the market. These only need to be brushed over the nails! They protect and moisturize the nails along with adding to the strength of the nails.

Look for a cuticle cream that comes with a combination of jojoba oil and vitamin A and vitamin E. This will help soften the cuticle area.

Glitter polishes can be used over your regular nail polish. These generally brighten up or enhance the basic nail enamel.

A new trend in nail art would be the use of nail glow polishes. It works best when used on natural nails as nail glow polishes cause the nails to glow in the dark.