Nail Care Tips and Tricks

If you are like most women, chances are that you are less than happy with your natural nails. Most nails are brittle, fragile, they split, they crack, or they even break right off. Nail care doesn’t have to be rocket science. Get healthier, stronger ad more beautiful nails with these tips below:

Basic Nail Care

Even if you have short nails, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect your natural nails too. No matter what, always take care of your nails at home in between those regular salon visits. File your nails regularly to smooth any rough edges and keep them as short as you can (even if you are trying to grow out your nails, continually file them so that you are getting rid of any damaged nail which will only further cause your nails to crack and break off).

Even if a chip comes out of one nail, look at that as an opportunity to take out the scissors and cut all of your nails down to a more manageable size. Once one nail breaks, it seems to have a snow ball effect on the others, and they will soon begin to break off too.

One of the easiest ways to keep nails health is to simply don a pair of rubber gloves. Before you wash your dishes, make sure you put on a pair of rubber gloves. The gloves will help keep your nails strong and moisturized, and will prevent harmful detergents and other drying agents from coming in contact with them.

Another great tip: If you happen to have any infected nail beds, do not use the same nail clippers on your healthy fingers as you would your infected fingers and fingernails.

Artificial Nail Care

Depending on the type of artificial nail you have, the type of care that will need to be undertaken may differ slightly. The general rules are:

Have your nails applied by a quality technician who knows their “stuff”

Always follow up with having your nails filled when necessary (this is typically every 2-3 weeks)

If you are removing your artificial nails, don’t just rip them off. Use an appropriate solution that is created just for your type of artificial nails and follow the directions.

If you are not sure how to properly remove your false fingernails, spend the money to go to a professional to show you how it is properly done. Taking off your false finger nails can not only be difficult, but your natural nail beneath is left prone to damage and infection. If you are going to be doing the job, make sure you do it right.

If you are applying acrylic nails to you fingers, it’s important to make sure that your natural nails are clean and free of any sort of oils or dirt. Always polish acrylic nails, starting by placing a dot of base coat nail polish in the very center of your nail. From there, gently brush the polish out from the base of the nail to the tip. Use the same process when applying colored nail polish.