Tips For Dyeing Your Hair Blonde

A large majority of women choose to lighten their hair when they choose to dye their hair, and for a good reason. Lighter, blonder hair gives us a more youthful, playful feel, and who doesn’t like the idea of having sun-kissed hair? Going blonde is easier said than done, especially if you choose to skip the hair dresser and do it yourself at home. Here are some tips on how you can make sure that your at-home blonding goes as smoothly as possible:

Tip #1: Bleaching isn’t always necessary

Depending on your hair, you may very well not need to use a bleaching product on your hair to help it become blonder. If you have hair that is any where from a medium to light brown and all the way up to blonde, a bleaching product probably isn’t for you.

If you do happen to have dark brown to black hair, then a bleaching product will help you achieve your desired blonde shade without any brassy tones. Make sure that if you do use a bleaching product, however, that you continuously check up on your hair to make sure that it is being bleached to the right shade you would like, and that your hair isn’t becoming damaged.

Tip #2: Dye your hair when it’s Dirty

By this what is meant is that you do not dye your hair on the same day you shampooed it. Give you hair a good 2 to 3 days being shampoo-free before dyeing your hair. The natural oils in your hair will not only help protect your hair follicle from becoming damaged, but it will also help your dye adhere to your hair better and be longer lasting.

Tip #3: Dye once a month MAX

Some women will try to experiment and dye their hair every week or two, but this will just leave your hair dried out, frizzy, and incredibly damaged. No matter how anxious you may be to try out the next blonde shade, hold tight for a month and do not dye your hair 4 weeks prior to when you last dyed it.

If you would like to keep you color refreshed, then try using chamomile oil in your hair. It’s light and effective, and it won’t cause further damage to your hair.

Tip #4: Stick to your Roots

If you are doing a follow up coloring and just need to dye your roots, then stick to dyeing JUST your roots. There is no need for you to dye your entire head and cause further damage to your already colored hair. Part your hair and use a toothbrush to apply the coloring product to your roots. Leave the hair dye on for the suggested amount of time, and continually check on your color every 5 to 10 minutes to make sure that it will match the rest of your hair. Once done, wash it out thoroughly just as you usually would.

When ever you dye your hair, make sure you also invest in a quality line of shampoo, conditioner and other styling products that are made to add extra moisture to your hair, and that are made to help seal your hair color and keep it from fading.