Tips On How To Dress For a Black Tie Affair

With the holiday season upon us, there are bound to be several Christmas parties cropping up here and there and right into the New Year. While men have the easy option of wearing a tux or a suit, a women’s options when it comes to a black tie wardrobe is seemingly endless.

When dressing for a black tie affair, you should first take some things into consideration regarding your style of dress. Some things to think about are:

It’s important that you choose a style of dress or suit that will flatter your figure. You want to really emphasize your best assets and try to minimize any “problem” areas that you may have.

Dresses and skirts that are full length tend to be considered formal, whereas any where around the knee are considered to be “semi formal”.

Think about your options. You could go for that dress, or you could choose a two-piece ensemble. If you do choose a two-piece suit, you may want to think about using different textures to really bring attention to your best assets and conceal any parts of your body you may want to hide.

Think about the textures that you will be wearing that night. Certain materials are not appropriate when it comes to formal attire, whereas other materials are, such as silks, satins, beading, rhinestones, embroidery, velvet, and metallic shades.

It’s important to choose colors that are complimentary towards your complexion. Though black is always the safe choice, there are some fantastic deep shades of purple and red, silver tones, golden hues and pastel colors that look great.

The type of straps and neckline that you choose should solely be based on what is most flattering to your body. A spaghetti strap or jewel-neck collar is almost always a great choice, as are a plunging back or a v-cut neckline. You may choose to have slits on the side of the skirt, or in the back, though if you are going to a more conservative type of function you may want to reconsider just how much skin you are able to show.

Not only do you have to think about the dress that you are wearing, but you have to consider your make up, hair and accessories, too!

When it comes to earrings, make sure that they compliment the tones and the embellishments that are on your outfit. For example, choose to wear pearls if you have beads on your dress, and opt for diamonds or crystals if you have a more metallic or rhinestone-embroidered outfit.

A bracelet or two will go along way in helping “balance” your look.

Always make sure that your nails are manicured, and treat yourself to a pedicure if you are going to be wearing open toed shoes.

Your lip and nail color should match to help give yourself a more cohesive look.

A clutch purse that is made of the same material and that is of the same color family as your outfit is a great and necessary addition to any ensemble.